As long as the summer flows like a river

Summer is coming back and I want to take you to the river. All I want to do today is steal Chaz Bundick's words from Ektelon, they perfecty fit that turn and twist in time when June becomes July. Other people have been talking about Toro Y Moi recently and my take is that he stands far apart from the rest of the sonic purveyors that are starting to get talked about nowadays. I think it's the crisp layers of clouds, the less guitar oriented sounds and the total dreamy quality that his music evokes. It's a flow of sounds, but it's not necessarily lo-fi, it has many peaks and maintains this raw beauty, sometimes you just feel like you're looking into his room from a balcony. I know I want to keep looking in quite a lot and as long as the summer flows like a steady but slow river I'll be in it.

|mp3| Toro Y Moi - Ektelon
|mp3| Toro Y Moi - itsforyou

p.s. You can also dream faster with Chaz, just follow Lessins.


Dreaming the perfect balance.

A few emails swapped and I'm left listening to this song titled Cranial Contest on repeat. First thought is that it's giving my brain a nice simple contest, I can almost define a category for it, straightforward easy on the ear pop that works perfectly today. It's the perfect balance, the dual interplay between Cameron and Sarah's vocals that bursts at about halfway through the tune.
Superhumanoids weirdly enough come from Los Angeles and they have everything going...plus any band that uses anywhere the word Doldrums is a winner in my book.

|mp3| Superhumanoids - Cranial Contest