Tender version of this hard life

Picked this record out from my shelf the other day, I often go back to it, I remember buying it just randomly in 2003 when it came out. Something about it just had me thinking and dreaming it was going to be quite different from the rest of the K Records albums I had...and boy it was.
Adam Forkner is the man behind [[[VVRSSNN]]], he's done a million things but I'm quite sure this is what really deserved the praise out of his ongoing collection of albums/projects/records. I can't help but feel that if Future Fusion Vision Wave came out today he'd be all over the place, I smiled years later when he pranced out of his cave and played in the Atlas Sound "band". Quality is the word I keep thinking when my head is immersed into Bobby Birdman singing something like oh my swollen pride, take your time on Bruise Blood or when Dave Longstreth is stretched into a bubbly world of nostalgia on Double Dragons. Tender was the day, I suppose.

|mp3| [[VVRSSNN]] - Comeouttoshowdem
|mp3| [[VVRSSNN]] - Bruise Blood
|mp3| [[VVRSSNN]] - Invisible Wavez

(buy the [[[VVRSSNN]]] album here)

(thanks to Sarah Meadows for the first photo!)